MakerBot SKETCH Classroom

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MakerBot SKETCH Classroom

MakerBot Sketch ClassroomDual-Printer MakerBotTotal Student Access

Ensure students have access with multiple printers specifically designed with the classroom in mind. Increase engagement without slowing down the learning process with the most reliable classroom 3D printing platform.

Print Technology Build Volume Size
Fused Deposition Modeling 150mm x 150mm x 150mm 433.4mm (H) x 423.1mm (W) x 365.0mm (D)

Lesson-Plans for 3D printing in classroomCurriculum at your Fingertips

Access to over 600 lesson plans for various grade levels & subjects and access to the largest 3D printing community of educators. Assembled lesson plans are provided by MakerBot Certified Educators.

Certifications for Educators and Students

Certification for MakerBotEnjoy STE-certified 3D printer training for both teachers and students. Educators have access to a 3D Printing-Integrated Curriculum training. You will also receive Real World Problem Solving training through Design Thinking and 3D Printing.

Classroom Management on the Cloud

MakerBot Cloud

MakerBot Cloud™ allows you to manage students' projects with a cloud-based print queue and print directly from TinkerCAD™. Don't worry, you will also receive industry leading support to ensure success of your projects.

>> Download Sketch Classroom Datasheet

 MakerBot SKETCH Classroom Package:

This package includes everything you will need to get started with 3D printing in your classroom immediately. 

  • Two MakerBot SKETCH™ 3D Printers
  • MakerBot Cloud™
  • Six MakerBot PLA Spools
  • Four Build Plates
  • Two Spatulas
  • Two Snips
  • Two Seats in MakerBot Certification™ for Educators
  • Ten Seats in MakerBot Certification™ for Students

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