Case Study


Improving the Life of the Line

By: Stratasys 

Download our case study, Improving the Life of the LineFactory tools are used 60 times an hour for an 8-hour shift, 3 shifts a day 6-7 days a week. Needless to say, they can go through quite the wear and tear. This is something Eckhart is highly aware of since they customize factory floor solutions and something they want to prevent. 

Their customers require proven and durable solutions that can hold up and withstand the rigorous assembly environment. And thanks to Stratasys' engineering-grade materials and additive manufacturing, Eckhart can provide this. 

To discover more about how these materials work in the manufacturing industry, read the full case study.

Topics Overview:

  • Benefits of using the engineering-grade 3D printing materials
  • Additive manufacturing providing limitless capabilities

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