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3D Printing

End of Arm Tooling

By: Stratasys

End of arm tooling lpEnd of arm tooling can be utilized in multiple ways to maximize production and manufacturing. We have combined how three different companies from various industries have utilized this technology in one easy to access location.

Case Study #1: All Axis Robotics

Based in Dallas, Texas, this leader in turnkey custom robotics is the go-to resource for machine shops and manufacturing facilities that need automated machine tending. They specialize in streamlining the company's manufacturing operations with robotic arms and custom end-effectors. They take advantage of the MakerBot Method X 3D printer to produce durable production-grade ABS parts.

Case Study #2: Form Automation Ltd

This UK based robotics company specializes in pick and place machines for the food packaging industry and are utilized worldwide. Their machines are required to run 24/7 which creates costly risks to unforeseen downtime. They rely on Stratasys 3D printers to create production line tooling. 

Case Study #3: Genesis Systems Group

Located in Davenport, Iowa, this company designs, builds and implements robotic automation systems. The produce a variety of options for the automotive, construction, aviation and recreational vehicles industries. One specialty is building robotic waterjet cutting systems for trimming composite parts. Instead of the traditional 20 days for production with CNC machining, they can have the parts in three days with 3D printing.

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