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Elevating Commercial Aircraft Cabin Design With 3D Printing

By: MakerBot

Download our case study about Jamco AmericaJamco America is an Everett, Washington based company that designs and manufactures aircraft interiors such as premium seating and other cabin furnishings for commercial airlines. They also work directly with airlines making adjustments to retrofit their existing aircraft. Working with major airlines brought with it some challenges including tight deadlines, and most particularly, a push for innovation. 

The company was using 3D printers based in the Tokyo headquarters but the parts had a one month lead time, and then when they turned to local service providers it still took several weeks and cost several hundred dollars per part. Jamco America invested in an entry-level printer, but they found that the machine would break down and the parts being generated weren't at the quality they needed.

After comparing 15 printers, they settled on the MakerBot Method drastically cutting down the total time to have a part in hand and operational costs. 

To learn more about the technology and the benefits, download the full case study. 

Product Highlights:

  • MakerBot Method production
  • Printing functional prototypes 
  • Printing complex parts

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