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Artec 3D Scanners

Digging Up The Dirt: 3D Scanning and Forensics

By: TriMech

Download our case study, Digging Up the DirtThe forensic anthropologists use to get a pile of bones dumped on their desk and asked what they thought happened and the profile who they were. While they were able to answer the latter question, a lot of important information was left at the outdoor scene or was gone forever. After realizing they needed to head to the location, they had three basic levels for processing the scene including written descriptions and pictures. However, HD Forensics knew there was more information to be captured and turned to 3D scanners to add another level to what they gathered. 

Fill out the form to watch our videoAfter a lot of research, HD Forensics purchased an Artec Space Spider 3D scanner from TriMech. This would allow highly detailed scans not only of crime scenes but also of bones for a catalog to help forensic anthropologists across the world. 

To discover more about how these scanners are improving the forensics industry by creating detailed databases and saving HD Forensics time and money by eliminating old practices such as casting, read the full case study and watch our video.

Topics Overview:

  • Artec 3D Scanners
  • Forensics Industry

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