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Design Cycle Efficiency with Multimaterial 3D Printing

Metal Functional Prototypes 

Untitled design - 2020-07-14T132242.550Functional Prototypes are essential in product development to test designs and reveal how they will work in a real-world environment. The ability to produce them in-house allows manufacturers to asses multiple variations to quickly refine the design.
In this guide, you'll get to discover how metal 3D printing impacts the design process and you will:
  • Learn how to speed up your design process with in-house metal 3D printing
  • Explore how to tailor features and geometry to maximize part performance
  • Find out why there is no need for a dedicated operator
  • Discover how 3D printing prototypes can be less expensive than traditional manufacturing

Once you read through this guide, you will want to start 3D printing in-house to speed up your design cycle.

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