Case Study


Center for Advanced Design Makes Complex Designs Fast

By: Stratasys

The Center for Advanced Design (CAD) is a product development firm based out of Minnesota. Their team of design engineers focus on creating complex surface geometry for the plastics industry. To do achieve this CAD needs to verify concepts, validate designs and quickly test functions. Without the right tools, this process can be long and tedious.


With the help of Stratasys F370 and GrabCAD Print, they are able to streamline the team's workflow and make their response time even more responsive to the fast-moving projects coming their way. Not only does CAD benefit from the speed and ease of use, but also can use materials to create high-quality parts. 

To learn more about the benefits CAD has seen from their technology, download the full case study. 

Product Highlights:

  • Stratasys F370
  • GrabCAD Print Software

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