Case Study

Stratasys 3D Printing

The New Face(s) of LAIKA

By: Stratasys

LAIKA is a community of storytellers, artists and inventors, who are committed to uniting film making technologies with stop-motion animation. To bring their artistic vision to life, LAIKA turned to PolyJet technology, taking advantage of Stratasys 3D printing capabilities in the film industry.


Thanks to additive technology, the creators at LAIKA are able to provide naturalistic facial animation for some of the most recognizable films. With 360,000 color combinations and the ability to add new textures, the Voxel Print on the Stratasys J750 pushes facial performance as well as character performance to a whole new realm. 

Topic Overview

    1. Artistic Vision Using 3D Printing 
    2. Creative Driving Technology
    3. Multi-Material 3D Printer

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