Case Study

artec 3d

Artec 3D Scanner Takes Strides in The Medical Industry

By: TriMech

After a skydiving jump went bad, one woman named Olga was left with an injured gastrocnemius muscle on her right leg. Almost all of her muscle tissue was gone and left her left visibly different than her left leg, making her feel a little insecure about the way she looked. She was ready for a prosthesis design specifically for her. 


To do this they used an Artec Eva to scan both legs in 3D, create a 3D model, print our a prosthesis on a 3D printer and then try it out. 

The Artec Eva scanner was easy-to-use and takes up to 16 frames a second which were fused together. This allows for an extremely accurate scan with a high resolution. Then the scan was used to create a 3D model. 

To learn more about the 3D scanner, what happened next in the process and how Olga's leg turned out, download the full case study. 

Topic Overview:

  • Scanning with the Artec Eva
  • Creating a 3D model in SOLIDWORKS 
  • 3D printing with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Testing strengths and weaknesses of iteration

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