Case Study


All Axis Robotics

By: MakerBot

All Axis is a Texas-based machine shop and leader in turnkey custom robot solutions. Businesses looking for help streamlining their manufacturing operations with robotic arms and custom end-effectors including for CNC machine tending, automated part sanding, brake press machine tending and more turn to All Axis.

Using traditional manufacturing processes, All Axis was faced with undesirable factors such as expensive machinist time and material costs. By adopting a freeform additive manufacturing procedure they were able to eliminate these unfavorable elements.

Pairing the MakerBot Method X with their engineering expertise, All Axis is able to make custom tooling with 10 minutes of labor time and drastically cutting operational costs. 

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Product Highlights:

  • MakerBot Method production
  • CNC versus additive manufacturing comparison
  • Printing with industrial materials 
  • Higher part complexity with soluble support materials

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