Case Study


A Game-Changing Material for Utah Trikes

By: Stratasys 

Utah Trikes produces trikes, quads and wheelchairs with customization as their backbone. Quickly they became the go-to company for anyone and everyone who wanted something personalized.


To ensure their customers' needs are met, Utah Trikes relies heavily on prototypes. This took up a lot of time, money and manpower and they were looking to make a change. By switching to FDM technology and finding the right 3D printing material, they were able to reduce company costs 8-10 times and cut production time from two months to two weeks! 

To discover more on how this transition has helped improve Utah Trikes' business, read the full case study. 

Topics Overview:

  • Benefits of using the right 3D printing material 
  • Cost and time reduction due to FDM technology

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