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3D Printing Evolution

By: Stratasys

Download our case study, 3D Printing EvolutionRicoh Company, Ltd. is a multinational imaging and electronics company that is no stranger to solutions-based production. While the company was founded over 80 years ago, their start in the 3D printing world began much more recently. 

Jigs, a large focus of their work, when made from metal are heavy, require a proportionately heavier, wide workbenches and operators often struggled to move the parts. Ricoh was determined to not only transform the way they were prototyping but also start 3D printing jigs for the production line. That's where the Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D printer became the star of the manufacturing floor. Plus, they added a movable trolley with 3D printed jigs, designed to move in the sequence of operation. 

3D printing jigs eliminated the weight, making them ultralight but also fully functional. Plus, the machine allowed them to eliminate waste since previously the shape often changed before mass production, many jigs weren't used in the pilot stage. Rather than having all these unused parts, 3D printed jigs can be manufactured quickly so they are used from the beginning. Thanks to the Fortus 900mc, Ricoh are able to take advantage of 3D printing everything from prototyping in the research and development stage to the manufacturing of tools and even for production.

To learn more about the benefits they saw and other ways they use their machine, download the full case study. 

Product Highlights:

  • Stratasys Fortus 900mc 
  • FDM materials 

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