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3D Printing in Education

Do you remember when computers were the future? After first being introduced they quickly made their way into schools, businesses and homes. Now, computers are a part of our everyday work and home life. 3D printers are the next technological necessity for education. Imagine using 3D printing to develop an organ from stem cells instead of waiting on a transplant or even building a house! Students need to know how to use this technology to be relevant in tomorrow’s workforce.

Why Add 3D Printing to Your Classroom

When it comes to 3D printing in education, technology companies like Stratasys, MakerBot and Artec allow CAD designs to come to life, so students, researchers and educators can test results straight from their classroom or lab. Incorporating 3D printers into the curriculum helps future makers, engineers, designers and problem solvers to:

  • Navigate the entire design cycle
  • Hold and test ideas in real space
  • Create prototypes and realistic models
  • Stay current with 3D printing technologies
  • Gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge products and materials
  • Enhance cross-departmental collaboration
  • Prepare for STEAM jobs

Beyond being relevant in the workforce, 3D printing is a practical way to make teaching different subjects more hands-on. In Science, Math and Art their work will go from concept to reality.EDU Infographic

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Responsible Educators Prepare for the Future

Educators strive to prepare their students with the tools needed for the next day,the next year and the next chapter of their lives. From STEM/STEAM programs to college campuses, schools around the world are adapting to this new era of technology to better prepare their students.

TriMech also has this educator’s mentality. We host training classes every week to teach everything from the basics to advanced applications of the software and printers. We provide the full package when it comes to moving into the 3D printing world. Let us help you prepare your students for the future.

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